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Protect Your Commercial Building with Steep Roofing Solutions

Many building owners are unaware of the dangers of neglecting a steep roofing system. A damaged or poorly maintained steep roof can lead to water damage, leaks, and even structural failure. It can also be an eyesore causing a potential customer to misjudge your business before they even interact with you. As commercial roofing contractors, we can provide reliable and efficient steep-slope roofing repair and replacement services. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to complete the job. Get in touch with us today to schedule your roofing estimate.

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What Is Steep Slope Roofing?

Steep slope roofing is a type of roofing system commonly used on commercial buildings. Steep-slope or high-pitched roofing is designed to help water and snow evacuate quickly from the roof's surface. It typically rises more than four inches vertically for every 12 horizontal inches. Standard roof pitches for steep roofing are 4:12, 6:12, 8:12, 10:12, and 12:12. These pitches require additional materials, time, and attention to detail during installation, repairs, and maintenance.

The materials used for high-pitched roofs must also stand up against high winds and other extreme weather. Steep-sloped roofing can be made with various roofing materials, including wood shakes, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and more. It’s not recommended for untrained persons to go on these roofs. The steep slope can often be challenging to navigate safely, as they are high off the ground at a steep angle, so proper safety equipment must be used when repairing or installing them.

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Why Should You Call a Professional for Steep Slope Roofing?

When it comes to steep slope roofing systems, professional installation and maintenance are essential to ensure the roof is installed correctly and safely. We have the knowledge and experience to properly install and maintain steep roofing and its components, including valley flashing and gutter installation, ice dam prevention, roofing underlayment, insulation, and ventilation. We also use the latest roofing safety equipment, so you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands.

Steep Slope Roofing


Because of their steep slopes, this roofing type can be tricky to repair or replace. It requires extra skill and precaution to ensure the roof is done right. A professional roofing contractor like us will have the experience and knowledge to properly secure each layer of the system for a tight seal against water infiltration.

Proper Safety Equipment


When roofers are working on steep-sloped roofs, they need to use the right roofing safety equipment to prevent any accidents. This includes fall protection systems, roof anchors, and other safety gear. Our company has the best safety equipment and training to help prevent accidents.

The Right Tools


The tools a roofer needs for steep roof slopes will differ from those for flat roofs. Not all roofers are the same, so choosing an experienced roofing contractor with the right tools and supplies is essential. We have the proper roofing nails, screws, and other fasteners to repair your roof securely and keep it looking and performing its best.

Need Help with Your High-Pitched Roofing System?

If you are looking for reliable roofing services that will help keep your roof and business safe, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing services and schedule your roofing estimate. We have the experience, safety, equipment, and tools to complete the job!

Why Choose Us for Your Steep-Sloped Roofing System’s Repair or Replacement?

Steep Slope Roof Construction

Heidler Roofing should be your first choice when you need a professional roofing contractor for your steep roof slopes. With more than 60 years of experience in single-ply, specialty, and steep-sloped roofing systems, we can provide the highest quality of service.

We’ll ensure your roof is repaired and restored correctly and safely (and aesthetically pleasing) so you can conduct business without a hitch! With competitive prices and excellent customer service, we are one of the best roofing companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Don’t wait until your steep sloped roof is beyond repair. Get professional steep roofing solutions from our experienced team to keep your roof in good condition. We know the care and detail these special roofs require, and we will help your roof last for years to come. Let us show you why we are the best choice for steep roofing systems! Schedule your roofing estimate today!

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