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Cedar Roofing Services that Extend the Life of Your Roof

If you are the owner of a building that has a cedar shake roof, you likely are already aware of its elegance and timelessness. But are you giving your cedar roofing the proper care it needs? While cedar roofing is a more natural, eco-friendly option than synthetic roofing materials, it requires routine care and maintenance like any other type.

So whether it's time for your cedar shingle annual inspection or you need cedar shake roof repair, get in touch with the commercial roofing contractors at Heidler Roofing! We'll help ensure your cedar shingles and cedar shakes are in great condition for years to come. Get in touch with us today to schedule your roofing estimate!

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What Is Cedar Roofing?

Cedar roofing is a specialty roofing material made from wood, specifically the cedar tree. Most cedar shingles or shakes are made from trees in the Northwest United States or Southwest Canada. The cedar trees are cut into two-foot sections and then are either hand-split or sawed into a tapered square or rectangle. Most manufacturers of cedar shingles don't keep stockpiles of them and make most orders once they are placed. For this reason, getting your roofing materials in stock may take several weeks.

Installing cedar shakes or shingles helps make your building energy efficient and provides a significant return on your investment. However, you need regular roof maintenance to keep it looking its best, especially if you choose a lower grade of cedar shingles. There are three grades total: common, selects, and 100% straight grain. The 100% straight grain is the best quality and worth the extra money. The lower grades will require more frequent cedar shake roof repairs and replacement.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Cedar Roof?

When your business has a cedar roof, you can count on it to be highly durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful. They've been known to last for at least three decades or more with regular roofing maintenance and care. Our roofing contractors can help with regular roof inspections to ensure you get the most use out of your cedar roofing.

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Cedar shakes are durable against the elements, rotting, and pests like termites! It's so durable that it's been known to last at least 10 years longer than other common roofing materials, like asphalt shingles. It is also resistant to strong winds, making them durable in the rain, hail storms, snow, and other severe storms.

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In addition, the wood helps improve the insulation of your building, making it a great energy-efficient option. Natural wood allows you to save on your business's heating and cooling costs as well since it insulates up to two times more than asphalt shingles. It's a truly green roofing material that has a high R-value.

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One of the reasons that many businesses choose cedar roofing is because of its natural beauty. It looks rustic yet elegant and even ages into a beautiful gray-silver color. Cedar roofs give your building a more stately, classic appearance and look of higher quality than other roofing materials.

What's the Difference Between Cedar Shakes and Shingles?

Cedar shingles and cedar shakes are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are different. Shingles are sawn on both sides and are typically ½" thick or less. Other types of shingles also exist. Shakes are split on one or both sides, sometimes by hand and sometimes by powered equipment. They are more than ½" thick.

But no matter which type of cedar roofing you have, you need quality roof repair to restore your roof to leak-free conditon. Get in touch with us today to schedule your roofing estimate.

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Why Choose Us for Your Cedar Roofing Repair or Maintenance?

Your roof needs to protect your building and aid in energy efficiency and durability. For business owners that choose cedar roofing, you can get these benefits and more with our help. For more than six decades, we have been helping business owners like you get the help they need repairing, maintaining, and installing cedar shingles and shakes.

We help our customers get the help they need from our two offices in York, PA, and Hagerstown, MD. These two business locations allow us to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We're the quality roofing contractors that smart businesses trust to maintain and repair their cedar roofing!

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