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If you're tired of roofing companies that don't call you back, leave your roof in disarray, or can't provide high-quality products, then it's time to call Heidler Roofing! We offer top-notch commercial roofing in Hagerstown, MD, and the surrounding areas in western Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Our responsive, professional team will have your flat roof looking and performing at its best in no time! Get started today by scheduling your roofing estimate.

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When the roof on your commercial building leaks, has issues with ponding water, or doesn't provide the energy efficiency it should, it can frustrate you. You shouldn't worry about your roof doing its job—you have enough on your plate. That's why business owners who need commercial roofing services call Heidler Roofing in Hagerstown, MD.

With more than 60 years of experience, we've helped business owners in Washington County and beyond get the roof they've always wanted—a leak-free, energy-efficient roof made from the best materials on the market. We specialize in the following commercial roofing services in Hagerstown, MD:

A flat roof with built-up roofing material and columns on it.


Whether your commercial building is made of the Stonehenge limestone that makes up some of the historic churches and structures of the area or a more modern material, built-up roofing is a common roofing material on many commercial buildings. It's one of the oldest and most durable types of roofing available, which is why so many of our customers choose this roofing type for their facilities.

A commercial building with a white TPO roof.


With a unique location just south of the Mason-Dixon line, Hagerstown, MD, is booming with various industries. You'll find many different roofing materials on businesses like the Valley Mall, Hagerstown Premium Outlets, and the Maryland Theater. Two materials we frequently see are TPO and PVC roofs. These types of roofing are made from single-ply thermoplastic materials that provide excellent energy efficiency.

A black EPDM-covered flat roof.


When you have visitors at your museum, historical site, theater, or other type of business, having a leaking EPDM roof is not attractive. If you're looking to have your EPDM roof replaced or restored to like-new condition, we can help! We are experts in this material for commercial roofing in Hagerstown, MD. Restore your roof to leak-free condition, done by local roofing craftsmen who are passionate about their work.

A white commercial roofing with an Alphaguard coating.


In Hagerstown, MD, and the surrounding areas, we know that you have hot, humid summers and moderately cold winters. You need a roof that can adjust to varying temperatures and moisture levels throughout the year. Instead of a roof replacement, sometimes a roof coating can be all you need to stop leaks, add energy savings, and revitalize your roof to deal with the local climate without the need for a complete tear-off and reinstallation.

A commercial roof with standing water issues.


Roof maintenance plans are a great way to get skilled craftsmen from Heidler Roofing to inspect your roof and provide regular preventative maintenance at an affordable price. These roofing inspections often uncover issues that can be fixed under roofing material and installation warranties, saving you time and money on your roof repairs. If not covered by other warranties, we can repair these issues before they cause significant problems.

Roofers working on the Shepard-Pratt Health System roof in Baltimore, MD.


From roof repairs to restoration, we do it all! As an area rich in history, the buildings in Hagerstown often have specialty roofing materials that require a delicate touch and a roofing contractor experienced in these materials. Whether you have a copper, slate, cedar, custom metal work, or a steep slope roof, our team can help you get the quality work your building deserves to restore it to like-new, leak-free condition.

Roof Leaks Can Be a Thing of the Past!

Stop struggling with leaking roofs! With the experienced team of Heidler Roofing on your side, worrying about your roof will never cross your mind again. Get started today with a roofing estimate!

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At Heidler Roofing, we're more than a local roofing contractor with an office in Hagerstown, MD. We're an extension of your maintenance team who can help protect your building from the elements, water, pests, and other roofing issues. We know what it's like to grow a small business into a thriving company, so we understand the priorities on your mind at any stage of your business operations. Let us help you take "fix the roof" off your to-do list.

By using only the finest materials on the market from industry leaders like Carlisle, Firestone, GAF, Tremco, Johns Manville, and Fibertite, you can rest assured that your roof will get only the highest quality products. In addition, our skilled roofers have extensive training and experience working on commercial and specialty roofs like yours, so you never have to worry about whether your roof repairs or restoration are done right.

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What Do Other Business Owners Say About Us?

We could draft a book on the quality service we provide, but why not hear it from some of our customers? Read why other business owners highly recommend hiring Heidler Roofing for all your commercial roofing needs in Hagerstown, MD!

"This is undoubtedly one of the best installations of a wide variety of architectural and metal products..."

- F. Brett Younger
Innovative Metals Company, Inc.

"Heidler Roofing Services has been an exceptional contractor... and has continuously demonstrated professional and quality work on time and at reasonable prices."

- James P.
Office of Maintenance & Utilities

"Was a real pleasure working with your company. I was in contact with Jarrod, Rodger, and Scott. All were very easy to work with professionally and friendly also. Workmanship was outstanding! On a scale of 1 to 10, Heidler gets an 11! Thanks for taking care of us."

- Greg K.
Trustee, Columbia Elks Lodge

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With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and testimonials from happy clients, there is no better choice for your commercial roofing project in Hagerstown, MD, than Heidler Roofing! We'll restore your roof to leak-free condition and give you the energy efficiency you've always wanted from your roof. You've experienced the rest; now it's time to get the best in the local roofing industry—Heidler Roofing!

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